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There are many TV programs on Chinese cuisines, but few are like A Bite of China. The latest seven part high definition documentary offers insights into the geographical, historical and cultural dimensions of what Chinese eat.
Filled with mouthwatering images of food ranging from haute cuisine to local delicacies, the documentary captures the be

autiful and refined process of food-making. The program is sure to attract both food buffs and ordinary audiences.

The second season of " A BIte of China" as a food documentary tells about the relationship between Chinese people and food. Through food to understand China, people can have a better sense of understanding this ancient oriental country. "Each place has its own way of supporting its own inhabitants", the film will show people through daily life and food related to the multiple side, depicting and perceiving Chinese cultural traditions, family values, attitude and hardship.

The videos are very helpful for Chinese language beginners. See more>>



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